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Just looking through the accounts`

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What on Earth is a "Welcome Officer"?


  • One who pops round to return the wallet you dropped in the street.
  • just silly net terrminology.
  • Yeh but what do they do?
  • Sounds like a new-fangled term for a commissionaire!

    Carry your bag missus?
  • Dan, you know like in them really posh hotels, when you call down to front desk, not for food or a wake up call, but to ask for the special kind of "room service", it's like that...
  • Receptionist?
  • No, the one that actually comes to the room and gives you the "welcome" ;-)

    No, seriously, Welcome Officers, or WO in the trade, are something our "marketing team" came up with so that our "clients" are better attended to. They're a part of our new "restructuring" process. In considering our "opportunities for growth" in the internet sector, we've been through a bit of "downsizing" (Actualy, we prefer to call it "realignments"), cutting back on things like server expenditure (this morning was just a blip, it'll iron itself out!) and boosted our new "Communications Team" budget. So WO's are part of the Communications Team's new strategy (Which, OMG, is really exciting!!!). Their job is to approve new members and then to give a little "Whisper" introduction, which includes the official "Welcome Pack" (Free t-shirt and pen included*), which is received by every new member. Something new like, since you registered Dan. It's all part of the service now that we're the big boys of the CAFC internet community ;-)

    Not that I can say much, but we've got a range of commercial tie-ins in the works, including something with TGI Fridays, but mum's the word... It's all part of the our commitment to "added value" strategies.

    If you're reading this as an ARM (Already Registered Member) then you get nothing, so don't even ask...

    *Can be substituted for the new Charlton Life Mouse and Mousepad set
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