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Parkinson (Michael)

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Talking of tears i enjoyed his last show. Very nostaligic. He's always been around - he reminds me of being very young , and being allowed to stay up and watch.

Missed Billy connolly at the start but thought all the guests were good value but ran out of time for long interviews.

I think some on here slate him as not asking tough enough questions... oh well!. I love jonathan ross... but who wants to watch an interview with Kerry katona?


  • yeah, i watched it. started off excellent, but the interviews got shorter and shorter.
    billy connelly was really interesting and funny as was michael caine. thought peter kay was hilarious, but wish he'd been on longer. dame judi dench only said about 3 words. it should have been about 20 mins longer to fit in more of a chat with her and peter kay.
  • Kerry katona is fit I bet she is right dirty wheres Uncle Silas when you want him
  • thats what i thought suzi, could have gone another half an hour... poor beckham lookoed terrified by Dame Edna. i loved peter kay.

    and dame judi should not have been wearing that top!
  • yeah, i was trying to work out if it was see through or what!!!!
  • Wasn't a good look, but the tears were genuine. She seemed to notice mid song and cover herself up.

    End of a very long era-

    Peter Kay was very funny, The "Cordial" for the parteh was brilliant
  • [cite]Posted By: pete_tong1[/cite]Kerry katona is fit I bet she is right dirty wheres Uncle Silas when you want him

    she is a complete dog!
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