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Tiffanys £50 voucher - £40 anyone interested?

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  • Bloody hell Razil, the females in the Razil family are going to love you!

    You get shot of the Tiffany's voucher and spend the money offsetting their carbon footprint!
  • I would have been interested last week...bought the missus a pair of ear-rings..
  • ha ha, the missus took the beeeootiful necklace I bought her back, that voucher is the balance - so no need for concern about their welfare.... the carbon's for the somewhat more distant rellies.
  • edited December 2007
    i'll have it -

    edit - sorry no i won't - wife was after these earrings from there just found out her mum has bought them.
  • OK i think I have taker - a whisper on this thread. Thanks R
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