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The lovely Glenn

No, sorry, WSS, I'm don't mean you this time.

Mr Weegie and I saw Squeeze in Glasgow last night - great gig, though has to be said Difford's voice is not as strong as it could be. But as for our one and only Glenn Tilbrook - superb as usual.

We went to the bar in the venue after, then Glenn walked in through the door right near where we were standing. We let the groupies get their autographs and photos, then grabbed him for some good old Charlton chat. He's quite a big Pardew fan (not like me then!) and likes the way we're passing it about. Worships Andy Reid. Was surprised at the scale of defeat on Tues. Told us all about his house overlooking The Valley and how much he enjoys flying from London City airport for the view of the ground. Surely our number two celebrity fan (just pipped by Borg)?


  • damn it
  • Im very proud to call Glenn a neighbour. he is about 6 houses along from me (big house) - regularly say "morning" (okay twice) as he comes past getting his papers on a sunday morning.
  • Saw him play a small gig in a Marquee at Plymouth Festival 2004 - great guitarist.

    I'd forgotton the Charlton & Squeeze connection - so never roared out "C'MON YOU ADDICKS" to him.
  • Nice one Weegie. I've always been a big Squeeze fan ever since hearing Argy Bargy in my old man's car way back when.

    Going to see them on Wednesday at Hammersmith, can't wait.
  • I saw Glenn at his front door before the Cardiff game in Lansdowne Lane. Knew it was him, but couldn't quite believe he would live in Charlton with all his (presumed) money. No offence to Charlton residents.

    I used to live next door but one to Chris Difford in Blackheath as a kid. My bro went to infant school with Jools Holland's younger twin brother's Richard & Christopher.
  • Glenn is a lovely fella. I bumped into him and his family at Dungeness mini railway 2 easters back. Just spoke about Charlton, genuine down to earth fella.

    A brilliant live performer.
  • Seen him live a few times now, the best was at a free festival in Oxleas woods in the early 90's
    It wasn't advertised that he would be there, i think he just turned up with his guitar and played for free.
  • My sister knew him through a youth club way back when.

    I used to drink in the Princess of Wales in Blackheath from time to time in the seventies and quite often Glenn would be sitting on the grass just across the road from the pub with his guitar and a pint giving an impromptu concert.

    Great days.
  • I saw Squeeze last night in Newcastle absolutely brilliant
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