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NEW ARTICLE: Time for the players to concentrate on the job in hand

The REAL reason Charlton are bottom of the league, possibly.


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    "If any of ours are involved, no wonder our Throbbin’ Red Red Robin has not been Bobbin’!"


    Nice one AFKA- no wonder you made it a sticky!
  • Ah, that 's what Dowie meant when he said he had to pull off Diawara at Fulham :-)
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    I certainly think you may have hit it on the head AFKA.

    Our start to the season was "too hard" which might go some way to explain why the players have gone a bit soft up front now, although Dowie is very pleased with them for keeping clean sheets recently.
  • LOL, very good SS.

    though you appear to have been thinking this for a while !
  • Actually what I was thinking is 'why isn't Ambrose playing'?'

    Well, as I was passing the Blackwall Tunnel the other day, I saw him and Benty on space-hoopers and heard Ambrose moaning, "It's not fair ... it wasn't my fault ... I was just cleaning it but it went off right in front of the gaffer!"

    I wasn't sure what he meant at the time !
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