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NEW ARTICLES: Preston prove Premiership self-interest alive and well in The Championship

A few thoughts on the Preston situation. Click on the link below :

Also, Ben's weekly offering:


  • some good comments from Preston fans, amongst others, worth a look if you haven't been back.
  • I especially like the comments from the fella with the "London clubs" chip on his shoulder - without obviously having first done his research to bother to find out that our normal price tickets are cheaper than theirs in the first place. Buffoon!
  • As a charlotn fan living in Preston i am disgusted by this.
    They did it to Bristol City in September and their supporters club took issue with pne and they dropped the prices.

    Th Preston chairman cam out and said "it is not fair to charge away fans more than home fans!!!"
  • really ???

    then it makes even less sense !
  • what a name!!
  • edited November 2007
    check out the link at the bottom of the comments in the blog article
  • Guess this needs to be renamed now to

    Preston prove Premiership self-interest alive and well in The Championship, but eventually bow to consumer pressure for the fear of bad publicity...?
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