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Forum acting weird, any advise

edited November 2007 in Troubleshooting
When I'm not logged onto the forum everything appears fine, as soon as I log in it looks like this:

Anyone have any ideas what the hell I've done that would make everything look so screwed up?


  • I had pages of script coming up yesterday and a few of us had problems with lag and miss-direction during the game on Saturday...I thought initially it was traffic...i.e too may people posting at the same time, but Ive been advised that that wasnt the case.....anyway, not sure if its related, but thought I would add my two penneth worth
  • sorry, chaps. Unsure what your issue is Stu, i'll flag for Lookie to get in touch when he's next about.
  • Stu, I've been getting something similar every now and again... hitting refresh or F5 seems to sort it
  • Hit refresh about a million times, I would ask the IT guy at work but I'm not to sure he'd like the idea of me using a proxy to get around his blocks :/
  • Nah probably not a good idea!

    I take it the forum works ok from home?
  • edited November 2007
    Yeah it's fine from home, might be something to do with the script blocks on the proxy, you don't happen to know any decent ones do you?
  • I'd guess you're right mate.

    Try this one. Not had to use a proxy for a while, but just tried this one a few times and it looks ok.
  • Works a treat, cheers Medders.

    Back to not having to do any work :-)
  • Try it at work mate before you get too excited :-)
  • The site was a bugger during the Southampton match - difficult to post.
    A bit slow at times yesterday but more or less okay since.

    Like Tel-in-Oz, I've been getting pages of script from time to time but that's not really been the problem.
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  • Stu, the issue you have there is that the "Style Sheet" is not loading and you're just getting the un-styled page of links and text. Each page is actually a list of links and text and it's the job of another file, which is referenced every time the page loads, to position each element and add in colour and images (ie style). If this is happening intermittently, then it's an issue with your browser loading the page but not getting a hold of the style sheet in time to position everything as it should.

    This and other issues people are having will hopefully be resolved soon-ish, so please bear with us. In short, the way the Forum operates is quite in-efficient right now and that puts a lot of largely un-necessary load on the server during times of peak traffic. I'm looking into ways of making what we have now run more efficiently before adding any new features. But this is difficult as it requires going through all the code, determining where the in-efficiencies are and finding a way to sort them out. By the way, it's not something I am capable of doing, I have to find someone to help. But soon.
  • No sweat Lookout. Its something that is mildly irritating at times, but nothing that we cant cope with mate
  • Works perfectly, cheers Medders!
  • [cite]Posted By: Stu of SE7[/cite]Works perfectly, cheers Medders!

    That'll be ANOTHER beer you owe me...
  • Well, if you ever turned up anywhere I'd be able to buy you one Mr Splitter.
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