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  • i'll hopefully be getting on soon (husqvarna sm125).

    those superdukes are awesome bikes, saw them at brands this year, proper cool and proper head turner. seriously sexy.
  • i dont have one.
  • I have a 50cc scooter, does that count?
  • Two wheels are always better... especially nowadays with all this bladdy traffic.

    Some lucky sod won it with only a 5 grand bid....
  • stone bought his son a bike off ebay
  • Look Out, are you one of those Bermudians who has had his moped spill or still waiting?
  • Yep got one, GSXR1000. And jolly quick it is too!
  • Motorbikes are for people with Death wishes or people who want to learn how to Fly like superman.
  • [quote][cite]Posted By: bibble[/cite]Yep got one, GSXR1000. And jolly quick it is too![/quote]

    Yep i'm a sucide jockey that has a ZX6R 99' model....
  • it's a well nice bike but not a good buy.

    t'would have been raced the bollocks of over the last year and isn't road legal.
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