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Southampton away - spare ticket

Due to other commitments, I am unable to go to Southampton. I have a spare train ticket (leaves Waterloo at 9.05) & match ticket. if there are any takers, I'll take £30 for the pair.



  • no need to shout mate
  • bump, in case there's anyone out there who's missed it
  • its a very fair deal, suprised no one has snapped it up.

    Are people worried that it might include travel with Off It ????
  • edited October 2007
    what time is the train getting back for????

    i'm supposed to be on night shift for 7pm in docklands...

    just realised your not logged in mate... get back to me l8ta.
  • Fazza fella,

    I think the train leaves at 630 so no good for you if you need to be back at 7. You can have the match ticket for 15 squid if you fancy that. I'd just like to add, the reason for not going is nothing to do with the fact that we're bob at the moment!

  • Is it 30 quid for Train Ticket and Match Ticket? x
  • yes, but i don't think the kiss on the end is going to help your chances :-)
  • beat me to it,might be a girl though afka?xx
  • I take dibs !...
    I'm waiting for a whisper reply back from SS...

    i have the sudden urge to be an hour or so late for work...!
  • no hes not a girl but if you saw him from behind or from a distance you would think hes a girl!
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