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Grzegorz Rasiak from saints ???!?!?!

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Says that we are interested in Rasiak in the currant bun today...
i don't really know enough about him.

Anyone ?


  • Consistent scorer at this level and would be a good acquisition but personally i would've thought we haven't got much money and the reported 2m fee would be better off spent on the defence
  • the priority should always be a FB,.. specially after watching jon fortune this last few games.

    just had a look ion youtube for some of his goals and he scores headers, slide ins and shots from 18yd box....
    Wondering if he's a lightweight like varney though!!!
  • omg.... it's beginning to feel like we're signing anyone who can guarantee no success.... we are the new leeds/sheff wed/ forest/palace /coventry/norwich etc
  • lol.
    You can't deny we need someone with experience and savvy after losing Toddy.
    don't we need someone better than mclown and run anywhere but where the ball is Varney....?

    DEFENCE FIRST THOUGH PLEASE PARDS. for the love of god replace fortune.
  • Personaaly I would look for the likes of Vassell or Harewood on loan.
  • We've lost Toddy for the season, Dickson is inexperienced and that leaves Iwulemo, Varney and McLeod, anything happens to one or more of those and we are buggered.
  • if all three stay fit we are buggered too!
  • Probably our worst set of forwards for at least a decade. In fact £4-5m for these 3 puts Pardew into territory not even Dowie charted. I heard 'Pardew is a w*nker' spark up for the 1st time in the west stand on Saturday, funny how quickly a 'messiah' gets found out.
  • He's not the messiah he is just a naughty boy.
  • "The Life of Alan"
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  • get dickson back!
  • now they have money I would have thought he'd end up at QPR then at least he's local to home............Ealing
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