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Big Ron Manager

did any of you lot see this last night? Felt sorry for the guy Peterborough had in the job.4 wins in 5 only to be told that for the sake of a TV program your chairman is bringing it an overweight (probably racist) has been to undermine your role.


  • NO but i wish i had. is it a reality football manager programme? sounds awful...
  • i'm gutted. really wanted to see that.

    anyone know if its repeated at all this week ?
  • caught this late Saturday night.

    2nd part in 6 on tonight, 10pm Sky One.

    Superb fly on the wall. Barry Fry is a loveable bloke, but how the hell he is allowed to run a football club is beyond me. You can't fault his enthusiasm, and he's sunk every penny of his own money in, but blimey that ain't the guy you want running your club.

    I'd love to see Richard Murray giving it 'i pay your effing wages' in the dressing wrong.

    Can't believe how gormless all their players are. I think tonights one is the one where it all kicks off in the dressing room.
  • has anyone been following this ??

    Absolutely superb, one of the best things i've seen on the telly in months.

    Not for the Big Ron part, but for the way Barry Fry runs a football club, and the manager heading towards a nervous breakdown, who resigned in the dressing room an hour before the game. Dressing room goes all silent, Fry just goes 'we'll don't look too pi**ed off, half of you f**king hated him anyway' !!
  • I've seen the first two - really interesting stuff, just downloading the next one - i kno wwhat happens in the end though :-)
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