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Bristol City away (driving)

Been put off going by train on previous post as would probably miss the last connection.

I cannot leave here before 4.00 on that day so would get to Brentwood by 4.30.

Honest opinion, unless I drive like a complete nut nut (not possible in my car actually) is it feasible to get from J28 of the M25 to Bristol in 3 hrs at that time of the day? What time are the coaches leaving?

I would have the right hump if I am still sat on the M25 at 6.30.

Otherwise its Jeff Stelling and the boys.


  • You might be able to do it if you had a clear run - however, we are talking about the M25...........
  • my wife went to heathrow from junction 26 of the M25 and left at 4pm last tuesday and was at heathrow in 50 mins but we did the same journey 6 months back and it took 3 hours .. so i'd say pot luck!!!
  • I wouldn't even bother trying it mate...
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    you're only going to get yourself done when trying to make up the time lost earlier on in the journey, think you're going to have to pass!
  • you looked into train singles with a cheap b+b thrown in ?
  • We done Hull in 3 hours so Bristol is easy. No problems, go for it.
  • AFKA - Will need an early train to London get in next day which will be ££££££££££££££

    Brunello - North is easy peasy, M25 is hellish. Took me over an hour to get to the M1 turn off for Luton game although their was a crash on t'other side which everyone slowed down to have a gawp at.

    Looks like its Mr Stelling for me then, boo.
  • Its 156 miles from Brentwood so two hours driving and one hour for traffic jams. Go for it.
  • I would say you have little chance. Both the M25 & the M4 are absolute pigs at that time of day.
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