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Happy Anniversary to Cuff (Edit: & YTS)...

... - 21 years of Addicks support today.

Good work chaps.


  • its good work just remembering the date of your first game !
  • It is for Cuff - he's completely battered most of the time!

    24th February 1979 was mine.
  • It's been a brilliant 21 years! Funny thinking that before that I didn't really have any idea about Charlton and obviously no clue how much of an effect they would have on my life!... Wipes tear from eye!
  • add up all those season tickets, train fares, petrol money, merchandise, programmes, away day beer money etc and you'll be crying even more !!
  • ... Away day beer money ....... - OUCH!!!
  • Doesn't bear thinking about... think it was about £3.80 to get in that day though!
  • edited October 2007
    Have just realised it's also Cuff's ..... er ..... "partners" 21st anniversary too. (They went together - bless!)

    Well done YTS too. Original post now amended.
  • Congrats.

    But Off it, can you amend the "Originally" above to "Original". Have some pride man. Thanks.
  • Ohhhh... that was quick ;-)
  • [cite]Posted By: LoOkOuT[/cite]Ohhhh... that was quick ;-)

    I don't hang about mate - just ask my missus!
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  • Cheers Off_it!

    Ah, 21 glorious years...I think a celebratory pint will be needed at lunchtime!

    And the toast will be...."Lennie and the lads!"...

    Here's to the next 21yrs, as long as the liver holds out...
  • I would Like to congratulate you on such an achievement - You have my word that in approx 20 mins I will be toasting you all

    and a little one for my 1st - chelsea away

  • off_it any chance of a tidy firm to celebrate this magic moment? i hear your face amongst the boys?
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