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agent parkinson?

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according to the ever so reliable notw, phil parkinson is smallwall's target as their next manager.


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    i just hope he has a higher opinion of himself to credit that.......
  • Hope not as he's coming on Bromley Addicks on 11 December.

    He turned down Huddersfield so not sure what the attraction of Millwall would be.
  • ".....attraction of Millwall would be"?

    Guiding them to their rightful place in the 4th Division?

    I believe Parky will stick with Pards - and want to be part of a Premier League management team next season.
  • ha ha think he would laugh at Millscum
  • Just because Millwall want to employ Parks doesn't mean he wants to go there. I think he's on a three year contract and would take some buying out of that - which should be enough to put Millwall off, but as Henry says if he turns Huddersfield down, why go to Millwall?
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