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Frank Skinner

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Legend or dumb brum?

I think the mans a genius personally, going to see him live next week.


  • Can't stand him but his bird works at our company and she's fit and got a massive pair of jubbles!!
  • Speaking of your company, how did you get on with my request for J.lo touched stuff???

    Mmmmmm big jugs.......
  • Sorry mate, denied! To be honest everyone was going mad over it but I didn't even bother to leave my desk!
  • Fair do, although extremely fit I bet she is a real obnoxious odious human being.

    I still definitely would though.

    All these people must remember is their shit stinks too.

    As if to demonstrate this I once farted in Kelly Brooks face
  • Oh it goes without saying that I still would (I'm sure she'll be pleased to know)
  • I'm sure she would, sleep soundly in the knowledge and all that
  • One of the guys at Chatham Grammar used to go out with her Dicko... dumped her when she started getting into the modelling stuff, apparently unhappy that she was showing off too much flesh...
  • Jim Peach, Sutton blew her out when he was younger. Dickhead!!
  • is that jim as in jamey peach dicko? i worked with kelly brooks old man by the way hes a scaff.
  • The one and the same mate, Kenny is her dad nice bloke, drinks the same places I do.
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  • Saw him live last night and have to say he was very, very good.

    Made some very good observations about Elton John and Roman Abramovich and kept everyone laughing for a good two hours.

    If anyone gets a chance to see him on his tour I'd recommend it
  • I used to think he was the funniest man on the planet, saw him at a massive gig at Battersea Power Station, and he didn't let me down - howling with laughter, especially when he was on about "golden showers".

    In recent years I think he has lost his edge a bit (on TV anyway).

    J-Lo is a dreadful person by all accounts, and I wouldn't touch her with a barge pole. Kelly Brook on the other hand...
  • I think he enjoyed being able to say what he wanted and his edge was definitely there, I think perhaps a lot of people could have the same opinion of yourself as he hasn't done a tour for about ten years apparently.

    Kelly Brook mmmmmm. Shouldn't really think like that about my mates sister but he doesn't need to know.

    Doesn't make me a bad man
  • He's better without that idiot Baddiel with him I reckon.
  • He first became famous doing late night TV where he could be a little close to the mark without upsetting too many people. Then he demanded more money and fair enough he was pulling the punters in, but that meant going on before the watershed and consequently he had to tone his act down a little.
  • [cite]Posted By: DJ Davey Dave[/cite]He's better without that idiot Baddiel with him I reckon.

    Two completely different types that share a common passion for football which is why Fantasy Football League worked so well. Other than that they're so different I think both are better in their own right.
  • Speaking of Baddiel he told a very funny story about him and errrr masturbation, you had to be there but the picture he built of David Baddiel and the situation was excellent.

    He also mentioned that the local radio had said he was in chatham and that they expected it to be 'near the mark' and he went on about how he had never heard the phrase 'near the mark' as it was 'near the knuckle'. Hearing a couple of people use 'near the mark' today as well as using it myself I think it's most likely a brummie thing.

    Seriously if anyone gets the chance to see this tour get along. I haven't laughed as much as last night for a very long time, probably since Medders' little accident a while ago. And I watch a lot of comedy.
  • Got tickets through work for £2.50, thought he was bloody excellent. The Bin Laden song he done was good but many funny bits, especially the Baddiel bit.
    Funniest bit for me was the Strictly Come Dancing gag with Heather Mills & Stephen Hawking.
  • And the toilet humour, put me off taking vitamins
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  • Have just watched a Frank Skinner show, all one and a half hours.  Very funny, such good rapport with the audience.
  • Seems alright.  Reasonably likeable entertainer.  So neither of those categories.
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    I bought a set of his stand up shows a few years ago as it was ridiculously cheap. Very patchy and about 25% funny. 
    However, he writes some really good and erudite stuff, he's no dumb Brummie. The radio series Dont Start, a double header with Katherine Parkinson, was excellent. Well worth digging out if you can find it.
  • ***15 year old thread resurrection alert!!!***
  • We went to the Absolute Radio comedy night at The Palladium a couple of Sunday's back and Frank was the compare and he was bloody brilliant.

    Always preferred him to the mortally offended by the Y word David Baddiel!
  • Great bloke is Skinner.  Very intelligent and well educated.

    Sharp as a box of tacs.
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    Years ago went to see fantasy football being recorded. He was excellent and kept the ad-libs and jokes coming through the night. My Bruv gave him a subbuteo West Brom team for the set, which he was very nice about. 

    Baddiel's humour wasn't spontaneous or natural like Franks, and very, very laboured.
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    Best live standup in my opinion. Saw him in a small soho theatre a few years ago. Absolutely brilliant and slick. It’s been out for a good few years but Skinners autobiography is a laugh out loud read.
  • Best live standup in my opinion. Saw him in a small soho theatre a few years ago. Absolutely brilliant and slick. It’s been out for a good few years but Skinners autobiography is a laugh out loud read.
    I saw him in Soho in August 2018 (second date with the now-wife) doing what I think was one of those gigs they do to prep material. And he was fucking hilarious. He is a total genius. 
  • Skinner is a comic genius. He also seems to possess that "gift" of looking and sounding no older than he did when he first started out as a stand up some 35 years ago - he will be 66 in January.
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