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CAFC Pics Video

Press play in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Worth a look... slightly exaggerated Roxette soundtrack mind (warning: could trigger buried emotions)!


  • Really well done...
  • edited October 2006
    Nice one - you've even made Bryan Hughes look good! (smiley winky thing!)

    What's the Roxette track called? I must admit to having been a fan in my slightly younger days, but don't recognise it at all...

    For those having trouble with the link, try this one:
  • that is really good mate, the music goes with it really well.
  • Salvation?

    wot no powell? or did i switch off for that bit.
  • Woah horsey... I can't take credit, it's not my work, just something I found on yt.

    Yeah, the track is called "Salvation"
  • It's a Bryan Hughes Appreciation Society Video
    .........isn't it?
  • Aaarrgghh! I hate youtube! I get about 40 seconds worth and then it dies.
  • Ali sometime if you leave it on pause for a minute or so itll get all the info so you can watch it with out it 'dying'

    give it a go
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