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Bristol City (Trains)

Does anybody know how near Ashton Gate is to Bristol Temple Meads Station??

Got my eye on the 10.01 that gets back into London at 11.50 which means I can pick up my last train home.

If I miss that its a night kipping in my office.



  • a couple of miles if i remember rightly
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    I think you'd be well pushed to get to Bristol TM from the ground, even with a 7 45 KO.

    Especially if the Police keep all the Charlton behind locked in for 15 mins. :-)

    And don't forget - we have to play at least the obligatory 10 mins added time when we play away.......
  • Yeah i looked at that as well but apparently its miles away

    The nearer one is Bristol Parkway

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    According to the Bristol City website, Temple Meads is only 5 minutes from the ground by car

    Bristol Parkway is a long way outside Bristol
  • I was told by a city fan it was the other way round so fcuk knows
  • I think I might take a chance.

    I can run 2 miles in 20 minutes with 10 pints inside me no problems.
  • I lived in Bristol for years & I can confirm that Bristol Parkway station is miles outside the City. Temple Meads is close to the City centre but is still a good 2+ miles from Ashton Gate. Buses & taxis will take you there but won't be quick close to ko as Bristol is easily clogged with traffic.
  • remember last time i went to bristol city, i got a good kicking, rather than walk to the station i think coach may be best option. Cup game it was with robson scoring.We did them in the replay 3 . 0.
  • I was at that one too......the scary thing was the three skips of building materials left in that alley/entrance way....then we got held back by the police and hey presto as we walked out of the ground it was raining housebricks!
    Still we got the right result back at the Valley
  • Don't know if this a very good option but Parson Street appears to be the closest station to the ground.
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