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Addicks downunder

Seen on here about downunder addicks, can anyone give any info about it?


  • Yeh, i'd be interested as well.
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    yes guys,
    There are quite a few of us in the gang now, it has been going since about july last year and we have a tipping comp and discuss the club. We are a friendly diverse group who love a chat and have AFKAs brother in the group who gives fantastic match reports as our resident local reporter.
    you can email either myself on [email protected]
    or terry on [email protected]

    Just give us a quick intro and we will then forward that to welcome you to the rest of the gang and they will introduce themselves

    If you are in one of the groups areas, I am sure they would be happy to catch up for a beer (i am either in Sydney or Perth depending on where I am working) but we have people in all states and even a few in NZ

    Remember, you are not the only addick in OZ like I thought I was a couple of years ago!!!!

  • [quote][cite]Posted By: cafc_in_perth[/cite]Seen on here about downunder addicks, can anyone give any info about it?[/quote]

    I will be back in WA in a couple of months and there is a bloke called christian there right now mate
  • ....and I know a few more that dont use this site that live in NSW, WA and Queensland. I will take some Addicks car stickers with me to Oz in February.
  • Always happy to welcome any new members to the Addicks Downunder group, we have just under 40 members on a good day, we have a strong contingent in Melbourne and Auckland, we have members in all other states except NT and even if you are holidaying in Oz or NZ, drop us a line we would be happy to hear from you.
  • tel, 40 members aye, thats good going that, good work dood
  • Just welcomed our newest member today, Peter who remembers the 1947 cup final as a 10 year old!!
  • he's not going to be part of the Yoof section then!
  • is Mike Rand, the Premier of SA, a member of your group ?? Die-hard Addick he is.
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