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Is this right theyve got rid of their Manager?

I dont really pay much attention to them to be honest. Are they doing that badly?


  • Yep. Ronnie Jepson offered his resignation at the weekend after a fifth loss in 6 games - and Scally Wally accepted it.

    'Rumour' has it the Jills are trying to lure Martin Allen as a replacement.
  • Rumours also suggest Iffy Onura.
  • [cite]Posted By: millaphile[/cite]Rumours also suggest Iffy Onura.

    He's caretaker mamager at the moment.

    Was manager at Swindon a couple of seasons ago.
  • Hopefully the Gillscum will be relegated after what their twat of a Chairman said about us would be his just desserts..!
  • Well they can't have Keith Peacock back.

    What's Andy Nelson up to these days?
  • couldn't we do the neighbourly thing and help them spread their net a bit wider and offer to get valley express to drop their new manager off on matchdays ?
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