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4000 tickets 4 coventry lets sell out and support the boys


  • even with the dowie factor i'd love to say we'd sell half that but i have my doubts!
  • Operation Ricoh???

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    we'll take around 3 thou for this on i reckon, unless we win another couple of games till then, then we will take the lot.
  • A bit like Leicester a few years ago, first game at new ground plus team doing well, easier to reach as in midlands. Took over 2k then and sold out that so maybe the same again. Big ground which they are only half filling.
  • Anyone know what the parking is like around the ricoh.
  • [quote][cite]Posted By: pete_tong1[/cite]Anyone know what the parking is like around the ricoh.[/quote]

    I stayed in the hotel attached to the Ricoh Arena last year (for a non-match function), there is paid car-parking on site, but as others have said it's a little way out of town, nearish the motorway junctions. There are a few industrrial/shopping parks nearby and some residential areas, so you should be able to park relatively close to the ground for free. How near you are allowed to get on a march day I can't tell you.
  • we will sell out
  • If we win the next 3 games we may well sell out - would be nice to do it without an 'Operation xxx'.

    Looking forward to a new ground!
  • i must admit, i quite fancy this one though i cant commit to it just yet...i can see a late campaign coming on...
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