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Train to Colchester

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Big time leaving the car at home for this one!Who else is going by train.i have not been to Colchester since that cup game back in the 80's!


  • snap,did we win 2 1 there,rember walking round the side to behind the goal.
  • yes we did win iam sure of it
  • i was about 8
  • i was about 18
  • what year was it mate
  • about 84 fella
  • they were the days,when our chaps wore sergio tachinni tshirts in the middle of winter in barnsley drinking lager from a plastic pint .
  • It was 1-0 mate.

    They battered us for 85 minutes, Hales got sent off then Dickenson crossed form the left, it hit a defender and trickled through the keepers legs. Don't think it even made the net.

    I remember the wooden stand falling apart and getting crushed when we scored. I was about 15.
  • i was ten then if it was 84
  • the days when we always were assured of nomore than two away wins,seemed always to beat leicster away in those days,probably me talking bertie bollocks
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  • I was not that brave i would have had a sergio t shirt on under my padded sergio jacket!lol
  • nolly, you come across so much older than you do.
    even im older than you.
  • good gear then,kappa jumpers were a fav of mine,had some poor choices though,deerstalker hat and farrahs come to mind
  • curb it when i was a chavvy i was going away,done most in the 80s,used to go on lonesome sometimes from ten onwards,bunked it to oxford once and caught a bunch of nettles right up my ass as i was wearing tennis shorts and seemed to have a allergy to em as my whole body including the chevvy went bright red.
  • i loved those days.
  • Train for me as well, a quick pint in the Hamilton Hall b4 the train
  • definitely training it
  • Staying at the in laws in Ipswich will be getting a train down from Ipswich, scheduled meeting with clients in Ipswich and Maldon so we can get petrol paid on the old expenses......happy days
  • watch out for those Palarse ultras on their way to Naaaaaaaaaarwich.
  • Medders is going to get his funbags funbus out for this i think
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  • edited September 2007
    think we might go from stratford, jump on the jub line to stratford and then from there. via big breakfast down the Dome!
  • [cite]Posted By: WSS[/cite]Medders is going to get his funbags out for this i think

    You wish, toilet duck....

  • Just booked 2 train tickets for colchester.Depart Stratford 15/09/07 11.15am Arrive Colchester 12.06-Depart Colchester 17.33-Arrive Stratford 18.24 £17.40 for adult booking number 08704111111 best to book asap this train goes direct to colchester tickets are posted to your home within 3-5 days
  • god im excited! cant remember last away game... er i do it just came flooding back.

    tottenham away last season :-(
  • Would think it maybe easier for a lot of those going to go from Stratford.
  • bear in mind that colchester station is an absolute mission from the ground (complicated 40min walk easy)
    and that the nearer station (colchester town) is only rarely served a couple of times per hour...
  • it is 15-20 mins max spoke to a cutomer i know there and also just rang colchester fc both said 15-20 mins at the max
  • in the programme it says its a long walk.

    it also mentions 4 adult group save train ticket, is that just through syd cheesewright or can anyone get on that? be well handy for us if so! £11 each!
  • Programme said roughly £5 in a cab.
  • sorry i am wrong colchester mainline is 40 min walk they meant colchester town
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