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Sharmal Shek - pyramids excursion

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any shekkers out there done this? any tips/prices etc?


  • I did it a couple of weeks ago.

    Whatever you do, don't go by coach. We spoke to people who did and it took hours and they didn't get much time there

    We flew out there first thing (about 6) and had plenty of time at all the attractions. It's double the cost of the coach (about £150 each) but more than worth it. We booked it through our tour rep but I think you may be able to get it cheaper in the resort.

    BTW, don't pass up the chance do go snorkelling, it's fantastic.
  • ask MCS...
  • ah great, many thanks
  • If you stay in Sharm you won't need a visa. If you visit Cairo you will. Haven't done the trip but the advice to fly seems sound.

    I'll be staying in Taba later this year, anyone done Petra or Jerusalem from there?
  • been told you need visas for any excursions, even diving..
  • All you need to do is buy a couple of visa stamps when you land at Sharm (and before you go through passport control)
  • yep so I hear, thanks though
  • Petra is well worth it but I travelled from Amman to Petra - Aqaba over to the Sinai (Dahab).
  • You'll need a visa if you go on a boat trip to the Ras Mohammed marine park, other than that you'll be OK. At least that's what I've been told.

    Never done Sharm but been to Numeiba and Taba before, both on the Sinai peninsula and didn't need a visa on any occasion
  • Visa's are 13GBP just buy one just in case, Heard from the staff at hotel you can get flights to and from Cairo for dirt cheap but I think you would be best to pay via the rep, although about 150GBP each. Couldnt afford it this time due to swimming with dolphins, Ras Mohammed trip, and Stars and Dinner Trip (Well worth it) in the desert with the Bedouins (Spelling?)
    If you are all inclusive I would suggest tipping your waiter at the start of the holiday as we didnt realise why every other fckuer was being treated like a king and we were left waiting for refills. Watch the roads, they flash you to say get out of the poxy way, I thought they were letting me go and nearly got knocked up in the air, agree price (shouldnt pay no more that 25EP) and have correct money for your taxi.

    What hotel you staying in?
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  • Did Sharm a few years back, did have plans to do the pyramids but due to 'stomach problems' it was deemed not a wise trip to do.If you do a trip to Ras Mohammed make sure you get on the right boat,its a bit chaotic at the harbour to say the least, we ended up somewhere else.Quad biking in the Sinai desert in the dark was quite lively.The local Egyptian blokes do like a letch at your missus as well.
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