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In the last week when I click on a thread which has 'new posts' instead of taking me to the last page/message I previously read, I get taken to the last post instead. This happens both on my computer, and on my phone.

Is this happening to anyone else, and is there a way to rectify this?


  • Yes, been happening to me too, but away on holiday and have only used my mobile to access CL. 
  • Yes, been happening to me too, but away on holiday and have only used my mobile to access CL. 
    Having said that, it's not happening today. Very annoying when it was though!! 
  • Yeah it also seems to be intermittent for me. Sometimes it does it, and other times it does not.

    I use Chrome if this is of any use?
  • Been happening to me for a while too
  • Been happening on and off for the past few days. 
    Very annoying. 
    Glad I'm not the only one as I thought it was a problem with my phone. 
  • Perfect for the takeover thread though, saves time reading all the guff.
  • Happening to me too, but not all threads. Will become a real problem if it happens in a match thread and ruins the experience.
    @admin can we try to sort before Saturday please?
  • Clear your browser cookies. And make sure you’re using and not fleeting between that URL and 
  • Cleared the cookies on both my phone, and my computer, and am definitely using the correct url but still experiencing the same issue  :(
  • Me too. Cleared cookies,  restarted. Same. Upgraded chrome with latest updates, restarted, and still happens. Not all threads, and seems better overall, but still an issue.
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  • Same issues after checking URL and clearing cookies too
  • This issue seems to be back with vengeance for me this evening.

    Tad bit annoying when I want to read some  new threads and im instantly thrown to the last post.
  • I suspected this thread was about others having this problem...
     But I had to scroll back to check cos this thread did it to me too!
  • Thought it was just me. It's quite annoying...
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