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Caption Competition

Charlton players read yet another of Leuth's digs at Darren Pratley


  • Charlton players embracing pride week.
  • Jonny farts in the ice bath. Lyle finds it hilarious. Jason and Darren not so impressed
  • Pratley - "Oooh, a bit more choke and it would have started"
  • More cost cutting from Roland as players are forced to shower together
  • If the fluffer don't show bagzie not it. 
  • DP - Can it be my turn at the back next Lyle?
  • Lyle - Hey Jonny, is that an ice cube in your shorts or are you just pleased to be here?
  • Pratley and Lyle were in the bath. Pratley blew off and Lyle laughed. 

    Not really sure what the other 2 sickos were up to. 
  • Fans of Love Island disappointed at new entrants. 
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  • Darren's just dropped the soap....
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    "I'm Welsh, I am supposed to be this colour"
  • Darren suddenly realises that “let’s go in starkers, Daz” was a wind up. 
  • I hope Taylor didn’t  do what he did after the 3rd goal against Luton! Looking at Pratleys face, I think he might have. 
  • Take That tribute band take some time out before their next concert in Great Yarmouth.
  • Fun's over lads, back on your heads
  • Darren’s not amused by Lyle’s skill with his prehensile thumb. 
  • Fun's over lads, back on your heads
    Olden but golden... 
  • When is Erhun Oztumer coming up for air ?
  • Pearce: "Hmm. I didn't know this thing had a jacuzzi setting"

    Taylor: "It doesn't"
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  • Don't share it till we've had a look.

    321 and Fleeeex
  • All joking aside. 
    The way Bowyer has got this lot gelling feels me with confidence for the upcoming season. 
    Love it. 
  • Roland can still fuck off though. 
  • Oh and Johnny Williams will be here.
  • Irving creates thread to get yet another sly dig in at Leuth
  • After a hard bout of training the lads try out Roland’s new visionary twist on an Olympic sized pool.
  • Behind the Scenes shots of Hot Tub Time Machine remake confirms low movie budget
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    As Jonny is created by Swarovski no wonder he's happy while the two hard tackling red blooded macho men have diminishing size genitalia
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    Charlton players read yet another of Leuth's digs at Darren Pratley
    Lyle decides the time is right to tell his two colleagues about Johnny Williams rampant Verruca problem.
  • C’mon Lyle.  Get in man.  Plenty of room.
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