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Coverage overseas

Managed to watch the match by subscribing for a trial with bein for $2 Australian, cancelled straightaway and still get the 2 weeks which ends 3 hours after the play off final. Not a bad price to pay so if anyone overseas needs a stream for the next couple of games for a quid, that's the way to go.


  • Bet365 also streamed the game (if we talk legal streams) 
  • ESPN have Friday's game on their schedule.
  • I bought an Android box last year and there are a number of apps you can download where you can watch sports, as well as UK TV, documentaries and thousands of movies. It's not always perfect and you need a decent internet speed but during yesterday's game I had two freeezes of aroud two seconds each. I'd highly recommend spending about £25 to get one of these to any expat Brits.

    Still waiting for someone to come up with a iFollow app though!
  • For those in Aus...Kayo or Bein.
  • I watched the game in Malmo, there is a chain of O'Leary's sports bars over here.

    Very plastic and very much like the Walkabout pubs, but at least it did the job.
  • Nice bar staff @ElfsborgAddick? 😬😬😬
  • jamescafc said:
    Nice bar staff @ElfsborgAddick? 😬😬😬
    Normally yes, my luck it was a geezer serving yesterday.

    Never mind, I have another two days here of eye candy.
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