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Another statement from Roland on the OS

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Deserves its own thread. He’s blaming a section of the fan base for Sheffield born Chris Wilder choosing Sheff Utd over us.

Please see below for a message from Charlton Athletic owner Roland Duchatelet.

I would like to congratulate Luton Town and Barnsley on their promotion to the Championship.

I would also like to pass on my congratulations Norwich City and to Chris Wilder and Sheffield United on their respective promotions to the Premier League.

What Wilder has achieved, with the playing budget he has, is very impressive and something he, the club and their fans can be very proud of.

He came close to joining us in the summer of 2016 when we selected him to be our manager but he decided to go to Sheffield United where he knew he would be welcomed by everybody.

While their seasons’ may be finished, we still have a very important few weeks ahead of us and our focus has to be on getting promotion to the Championship.

The staff, the players and the Charlton fans have all played their part this year and now we need one last collective push to give us the best chance of promotion.



  • He’s just plain weird.
  • We've only got ourselves to blame. Please forgive us oh, wise one.
  • I honestly believe there is some wierd deep rooted physiological problem in his head. He seems desperate to have a dig at us fans at any oppourtnity.
  • Chances that Roland actually wrote that?

  • Chances that Roland actually wrote that?

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  • I wonder if he could name the coaches and in which order he hired and fired them. There have been so many changes of staff over the last few years I doubt he could name the the third of sixth without a wicki search.
    i also doubt he knows how other clubs are run or budgeted but I’m sure the clubs he’s sent these kind words are thrilled to have this visionary’s complements.
  • Chances that Roland actually wrote that?

    Can't see the media team saying it was from him if it wasn't?
  • On Wilder

     “He came close to joining us in the summer of 2016 when we selected him to be our manager but he decided to go to Sheffield United where he knew he would be welcomed by everybody”

    Who wouldn’t have welcomed him to Charlton then Roly?

  • I actually think Roland should be allowed to make as many statements as possible. 
    The more statements he makes the more stupid he makes himself look.
    Maximum exposure should be given to all he says.
    Let him hang himself. 
    Wishful thinking !!!
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  • Hahaha, he knows exactly what he’s doing the old fucker that he is
  • Bowyers achievements imo eclipse wilder’s. i would say it was scandalous but this is par for the course for Roland. 
  • The man is sick....
  • He just doesn't 'get it', so i've got to the stage where I think he is best just ignored.

    That statement serves absolutely no purpose in helping the club progress or gain promotion, so it's not worth giving it any attention. It is all about him, not the club. 

    In Bowyer and Jackson we trust. 

    The perfect and concise summary. 
  • Best ignored I think, let’s focus on the next three games.
  • 'Us'.
  • Rolands sole aim is to hurt the fan base in retaliation for what has been done to him with such public humiliation 

    he will I’ll be over the moon when bowyer leaves (and he will leave ) he will be only happy when he leaves us the in complete disarray 

    to expect anything different is madness 

    preparation for the ultimate pain 

    promotion with bowyer only to be in the championship Karel Fraye reinstalled as mgr 

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    The Ego dosnt have to visit planet Earth very often ,just to check with all the balllickers that the Ego is the true God
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Roland Out!