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Intensive Driving Courses Bexley / Sidcup Area

Dear lifers

my son has been having driving lessons for the last 9 months and quite frankly, I think the driving instructor is stringing me along and taking the pee when it comes to lessons. He’s had £750 of my money and enough is enough. I’ve now decided that he should now go on an intensive driving course and get everything out of the way over the course of a week or so. 

Has anyone done this? Any recommendations for the Bexley / Sidcup area?




  • kodfish said:

    Cheers Kev .... have you used this? 
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    mark girling, park me driving school 07930461265. brother is currently doing lessons and has been advised by mark to do just this. came highly recommended to us. website is
  • I did it, but it was in 1988. I’d never even tried to drive but got a job that came with a car, so I figured why not. 

    I used BSM. They had me arrange my test and then did lessons (I think 2 hours) every day for two weeks up to the test. Passed first time, so it worked for me. 
  • Yes Rich, My son did this for a week & passed first time. Make sure he does his theory first. 
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