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Being a Charlton Supporter on the 09/03/2019

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1. Palace lost at home in the premier League against number 1 rivals. A result that increased their relegation threat.

2. Millwall lose to Bolton. A result that very much increases relegation threat.

3. We're not rivals with west ham (strangely enough) but they messed up at Cardiff.


Charlton turn up on the old box (we actually win on sky TV) and do the double on promotion rivals Portsmouth.

Over the 90minutes we was the much better side.

What next...Roland sells?

Sells to "the banker" The ozzie's, to Varney and Curbs in a joint consortium? (Curbs was at the game for some reason)

14 contracts get renewed...we go to Wembley and win the playoff final in dramatic fashion.

Roland...having left us.... decides to buy both palace and Millwall...and make them apart of "the network".

Roland gets on a space shuttle to mars (partly so he can never be confronted with protests)

He puts Katrien Meire in charge of both clubs.

Chelsea bid 60 million for Aribo. We turn it down and Aribo himself says "No thanks....why would I want to go to Chelsea? I love Charlton too much. Who do you think I am? ...Scott Parker?"

Woops....I've gone too far.

That's what happens when you're a Charlton fan.
You get easily excited.

5. Forgot to mention that other results went our way today.

Peterborough and Doncaster both lost. Sunderland dropped points too.


  • Space shuttle crashes on mars.
    Shitweasel never seen again.

    Finished it for you.
  • Watching the events at Blackpool FC on their joyous day, with unashamed jealousy! What I wouldn't give for similar scenes at The Valley when you-know-who finally sells up - in around 2025!
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Roland Out!