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Keith Flint RIP

Found dead in his Essex home, only 49 years old - RIP gone far too young


  • Blimey there's a shock. As he came from my way, just about everyone contrived an excuse to pretenhd they knew him
  • RIP, far too young
  • "took some acid, took some ecstasy, and never looked back". RIP
  • great character RIP
  • Genuine RIP for me

    Seen them so many times over the years in the UK and abroad

    Not the most surprising death of all time considering the amount of drugs he has taken but still very sad 
  • That's a shocker. RIP. 
  • RIP Keith
    Wonder where "THE PROD." will go now...
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  • I've just found this out and I'm pretty sad about it

    One of the icons for me growing up. Insane live performer 

    rest in peace firestarter
  • One of the best frontmen of my generation. RIP
  • Sad news, though as has been said, not a total surprise. 
  • edited March 4
    Deleted as reports are inconsistent
  • Saw them at their comeback gig in Brixton c. 2006. Unbelievable live performers. 

  • Liam Howlett is quoted on their own Instagram page that Keith took his own life, how incredibly sad.
    If you know someone with mental health issues give them a call, make sure they are ok you never know what is going on in someone's mind.
  • RIP, was at Knebworth for the Oasis gig and thought The Prodigy were brilliant that weekend. 
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  • RIP
    It wasn’t quite my thing at the time, but looking back it was great.

  • Very very sad.
  • Blimey. That's a bit of a shock.

  • RIP Keith.
  • RIP. Really sad news, Fat of the Land is a great album
  • Always remember one of their gigs where Keith entered the stage in one of those human sphere balls.
    Funny watching the rest of the band playing football with him for the first couple of tracks.
  • Sad news. Music for the Jilted Generation was the second album I ever bought and as is an absolute classic record. Never had the chance to see them live and I guess never will now, you can’t really have the Prodigy without Keith. RIP. 
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