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Charlton and set pieces this season

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Thought this was an interesting stat. Seems we lead the football league in goals from set pieces. Is this by design? What have LB and JJ done differently this season?


  • Powering into the box with pace and trickery will be one

    How many penalties out of those 24?
  • Got a striker who can head a ball
  • If it includes pens that would inflate it some what.

    For league 1 standard we have good delivery, if not consistent, I suppose that's why they play in league 1. As players both JJ and Bowyer had great timing arriving to meet crosses so I assume that's something they can personally pass on.
  • If it does include pens, it’ll include pens for everyone so I’m not so sure it’s a huge factor. Even if it is, it still shows a directness in attacking area that we previously failed to show under Robinson, for example.
  • Those stats are even more remarkable because we haven’t got a DBS (dead ball specialist). I can’t even remember one goal scored directly from a free kick.
  • Does this suggest we are the "england 2018" of league one - i.e. scoring enough goals from set pieces to win most matches but not actually that good in reality and will be painfully shown up and exposed as such when it comes to the crunch...

    I f*cking hope not, but I fear so
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