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Summer pay day for Duchatelet from Palace?

Here we go again!

Does Roland Duchatelet still have a Third Party Ownership (TPO) contract interest in Michy Batshuayi?
(who has just gone on loan from Chelsea to Palace with an option to sign permanently in the summer).

Many will recall the revelation when Bats went to Chelsea that the player had previously been 'owned' by Duchatelet (through a TPO - same as the arrangement made with Tevez and Mascharano when they first arrived at West Ham all those years ago). Duchatelet had taken advantage of his position as Standard owner to talk the teen age Batshuayi into signing away his contract as if to a bona-fide football agent). The practice is allowed in South America and some European countries (still?).

A Belgian journalist spilled the beans on Duchatelet's attempt to sell the player to Everton without telling him or his parents. Here is a reminder:

By: Michaël Bouche
21/01/14 - 14h19


"A clause in his contract stipulates that Michy’s contract can be sold for a sum of 8 million euros and that this amount is reduced to 5 million if Duchâtelet no longer owns Standard.

" The president (Duchatelet) has used our naivety to make us resign Michy at the beginning of the season with the help of a lawyer that did not defend our interests, but his own He established rules that we respect "

" Duchâtelet did not bother to answer us "
" That said, it seems to us astonishing to say the least that neither Christophe Henrotay (Manager of Standard) nor Batshuayi's parents were invited by the president for a discussion, we tried to call him several times but he never bothered to answer us. "

"He only thinks of his wallet"
"Should we remind Mr. Duchâtelet that we are the parents and that we deserve a little respect (...) Compared to the supporters of the Standard, he could have clarified things too." Instead, Duchâtelet held inflammatory statements in the press, which is the sign that he is losing his temper in a situation that he himself has created, but which has grown in importance. his wallet".

"Duchâtelet sent an email to Everton"
"To be sincere, we often feel that it pushes our son to leave.
Duchâtelet sent an email to Everton to inquire about the possibility of a transfer. having seen this email, why would he do that? if he did not want to sell Michy?

We question ourselves strongly about his true motives ".

The question remains. Does Roland Duchatelet still have a financial interest (even if not a controlling interest any more) in the transfer fees of Michy Batshauyi?

If he does (and no-one seems to know the answer) then there is the possibility that a fat pay cheque might be heading his way if Chelsea decide to sell the player at the end of the season to Palace or wherever.

Somebody out there must know the answer to this.


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