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4 bike hang on bike rack

Looking for a cheap hang on bike rack for the car, for 4 bikes (two adults and two kids bikes)

Budget is tight - any recommendations ?


  • Try Wiggle, Evans or Halfords mate

  • Be careful if you use Halfords. We bought a 3 bike rack from them but it was bloody difficult (nigh on impossible) to get 3 bikes on it.
  • oft, four bikes might be a stretch. I have a cheap halfords one and it'll take two large bikes and no more. You may have more joy with roof ones or one on a tow bar
  • found one that seems to do the job - not planning on going great distances and didnt want to have a tow bar fitted, hence the hang on style

  • Don't forget bungees, locks and a number plate and light panel.
    Bungees to make the load safer and more secure. Locks so you can stop for a break, just lock through the crossbars.
    If it obscures your lights and/or number plate you'll need a panel showing your number plate and lights.
  • went to Centre Parcs a couple of years ago and had a bike rack with 1 adult bike and 2 kids bikes on it, all fitted correctly etc....coming home doing about 60 in the middle lane of the M1 and it snapped, just literally disappeared out of view, cue swerving to the hard shoulder very sharply, get out and see all 3 bikes hanging onto the bumper of the card by no more than a thread!.

    I still dread to think of the sort of accident that could've caused.....there and then I dumped the bikes and rack on the grass verge and vowed never to use one again.

    thankfully now when we take our caravan away the kids bikes can go inside it!
  • Do you have a tow bar?
  • I think that’s what he has been saying @Rob7Lee is he would prefer not to have a towbar and is there anything that actually works without him getting one.

    My initial view from what I have looked at is no. Get a towbar.
  • Tow bars are the safest, after that I’d put them on the roof.
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  • tow bars ain't cheap either !
  • Thanks all

    Dont want the expense of a tow bar.

  • Try these , i brought some roof bars and racks a few years ago (now keeping the turbo trainer company in the shed)
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