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Ray Sawyer RIP

Eye patch Dr Hook Singer Ray Sawyer has died aged 81 .
Loved Dr Hook


  • Got a bit of a soft spot for some of their songs as my mum always listened to them when I was a nipper.
  • He's gone to be freakin' at the freakers ball in the sky.
    Loved the early Dr Hook.
  • Always grateful to them for pointing out:

    "When you're in love with a beautiful woman - it's hard"

    Viagra should sign up the track for an advert.
  • Certainly part of the soundtrack of my youth. RIP
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    Sad to hear this, Sylvias Mother was an absolute classic.

    There was a story about Doctor Hook owing their record company an albums worth of material, and they got a lawyers letter which talked in terms of "Recorded sounds" or something like that. They snapped into action and sent them 90 minutes of perfectly recorded, stereo mixed, snoring. I don't know if that's true, but I really hope it is.

  • RIP
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    I hated Sylvia’s Mother with a vengeance!

    I was living in Australia when it camp out and having a miserable time, that song seemed to epitomise that misery, b’stards!

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