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Unique Commuting Problems

I didn’t want to crash the Southeastern thread, or O2 and their destruction of bus timetables.

Out here in the wilds of Boston we have different problems that I think only a few others on here can appreciate. I paraphrase from the e-mail the office park got this morning.

“Be attentive in the car park, we’ve got a bear”

Apparently he was strolling around last night at 5pm without a care in the world as most people were heading out to their cars.

And I thought the turkeys were bad enough.


  • Followed through, just as the train pulled outta London Bridge, on the Northen Line once
  • Only unique problems I ever had was when my SouthEastern train departed and arrived at the right times

    Didnt actually know what to do with myself whenever that bloody happened!!
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Roland Out!