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His legs have gone

Good luck Jacko. Great cause and by the end you will need a new pair of legs.


  • Jacko, dont do it mate - you might injure yourself. Tell you what, put in a lookalike, give him your number, and no-one will know the difference.
  • What's the slowest ever Marathon time?
  • Looks knackered already.... 😳
  • Respect.

    As always!
  • edited December 4
    Leg End

    All the best, to both gentlemen, for their preparation. I hope they do well next spring.
  • Good luck Jacko!!!
  • Well done Jacko,great I wonder if he will do it dressed as Pinocchio...haha...!!
  • Bless his cotton socks !
  • Bless his cotton socks !

    Not the best material to be running in.
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  • I too support Demelza, it breaks my heart to see the words children's & hospice next to each other.
  • The old junior Reds used to support Demelza and the kids would always attend the Christmas parties at The Valley. The people involved at the hospice were (and I'm sure still are) simply outstanding.
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