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Very pleasing to see palarse beaten by Boro in front of a scant 11k northern crowd last night, so not much extra dosh for them to spend in January. These league cup games are really reserve fixtures at this stage in the competition, so truly amazing at the huge crowds at Chelsea, Arsenal and West Ham. I wondered how many Rangers pulled in Scotland for an average fixture for them against Kilmarnock; 49,279! Wow! Not bad for a supposedly crap league. Then, being forever one for the under-dog I checked Livingstone's crowd on the same night; 1,476!!! A bit like having Accrington Stanley in the premier League. Astonishing!


  • I thought 11K for a league cup game was pretty good for Boro.
  • To be honest, none of those attendances surprises me a great deal. Rangers have always (as far back as I know) been well supported in Scotland. We get fewer extremes in England by which I mean that most teams cluster around the median attendance for the division in which they play.

    The number of clubs recording 2 times or more of the median in each division or less than half of the median attendance is as follows:

    Premier League: Median - 31516. 2+ times above median: 1 club (Manchester Utd). 1/2 or less: 1 club (Bournemouth)
    Championship: Median - 20211. 2+ times above: None. 1/2 or less - 1 club (Rotherham)
    League One: Median - 6862. 2+ times above median: 3 clubs (Sunderland, Portsmouth, Bradford) 1/2 or less - 3 clubs (Rochdale, Burton, Accrington)
    League Two: Median - 4052. 2+ times above median: 1 club (Lincoln City), 1/2 or less - 1 club (Morecambe)
    National League - Median - 1535. 2+ times above median: 4 clubs (Leyton Orient, Wrexham, Chesterfield, Hartlepool). 1/2 or less - 1 (Boreham Wood)
    Scottish Premier: Median - 6366. 2+ times above median: 5 clubs (Celtic, Rangers, Hearts, Hibernian, Aberdeen). 1/2 or less - 1 (Hamilton)
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