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  • The reasoning from the FA is baffling!! - "The change was to accommodate increased squad sizes, more medical equipment and an improved environment for players," the FA said.

    What next... those big bucket seats you see @ the likes of Man City so the subs get to relax in comfort and so avoid muscle injuries???
  • The FA do a great job.
  • Here's the good news I posted earlier on the CAFC v Coventry post ..

    bringing up this post, nothing to do with Coventry .. the FA reportedly are looking to abolish the law about the ball leaving the pen area on free and goal kicks .. also considering allowing free and goal kicks to be taken with the ball moving/rolling .. how far and how fast it can be allowed to roll is not reported .. this was in the 'Times' a few days ago .. the idea is to speed up the game and to keep it flowing

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    Scoham said:
    He used his brain and improvised. He should be applauded, yet the suits at the FA (who have nothing better to do and probably have never played football in their lives) decide to take a totally unreasonable draconian decision.

    They really are not fit for purpose.
    But you can’t really leave a thing like that to chance though, can you? :wink:
    And I would have thought a better solution to cramped dressing rooms is not bigger dressing rooms but smaller players. I SO should be on the FA board. :neutral:
  • Read somewhere recently that they want to abolish scoring from saved penalties. If the goalie saves it then its a free kick to his team.
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  • Scoham said:
    Apart from the Managers it doesnt even sound as though the players complained about having to do it either
  • Reading the report on BBC Sport about this ref incident it says:-

    'The Football Association said he "accepted a charge of 'not acting in the best interests of the game'".

    A coin toss to decide kick-offs is a requirement under the laws of the game.'

    In that case where are the laws in the game that says teams must have bigger dressing rooms.

    If it ain't there then they don't have to do it.
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