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I read earlier someone saying that the players are mentally weak. Would it be a different story if the players all had their contracts sorted out and were on long term deals? Would the results have been different?
Clearly this doesn’t seem to be in the pipeline with Roland rat digging his heels him so does that mean this season will end up being another non event?


  • Its a double edged sword... In one respect you'd hope they'd be playing better so that if they cant earn a new Contract here they'll get it elsewhere

    In the same vein there must be some concern amongst players who have doubts in their head that a better club will want them and that they'll drop further down the pyramid where it'll become even harder to pay their mortgages etc. - We have to remember this isnt the Premier League so getting paid a wage that sorts them for life aint going to happen and I wouldnt be surprised if a few of them end up in our sort of careers once their playing days are over.

    Was certainly no different for me when I was being made redundant last year... My work levels completely dropped and couldnt think about anything else other than how I'd pay for the mortgage with kids
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