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Episode 3 of the new series of The Apprentice (to be screened on October 17th) includes a task involving filming at The Valley earlier this summer.

If you don’t want to read the spoiler extract transcription of the recording DO NOT READ PART 2 ON THE SEPARATE THREAD TO BE POSTED AT 6.40 TONIGHT

Note: all filming of The Apprentice is strictly embargoed – there is only slightly less security around the sound recordings. The excepts obtained are part transcripts only of sound recordings which will differ only marginally from the final edited version shown on transmission on Wednesday. External sound recordings were not made available -only those relating to Lord Sugar’s exchanges with the teams and his assistants and various associated story board cues/timings.

**00-02.35** Open Credits

**02.36-03.55** Story Board and reprise of Episode 2 (exit of David)
This section includes:

It’s 6am and the remaining 14 contestants are awoken by a telephone call telling them to assemble at The London Stadium at 7am. Awaiting them in The Forge restaurant in front of a backdrop bearing the crest of West Ham United are Karen Brady and Claude Littner – after a few minutes Lord Sugar appears from a seemingly hidden doorway.

**03.56-05.08** Story Board voice over continues with a subsequent script transcription as follows:

Lord S: Good Morning!

Assembled Candidates: Good Morning Lord Sugar.

Lord S: Well, we’ve gathered here today because this week’s task revolves around the football industry and appropriately you are standing today in front one of the most successful examples of how to run a football business. No, not me on this occasion (laughter) but Karen here (Camera switch to Karen) alongside me who engineered a great deal for West Ham …………….from Boris Johnson of all people (raised eyebrows) – perhaps he should have got on his bike when he saw her coming! (laughter) I know a bit about the game myself from my time at Spurs and Claude (Switch camera to Claude) you once played football when you were eleven -is that right? (Laughs).

Anyway, there’s a lot of money to be made if you can get it right
so, teams,
you’re going to be sent to two clubs where they are currently losing money and for three days only you are going to turn things around and show them how your skills can be used to make them a profit. I don’t want you to sell any of their players mind (laughter) I just want you to use your initiative to bring some commercial revenue into the club and the team which generates the most will win and in the losing team at least one of you will be fired.

Now, were going to mix the teams up a bit this week. Frank and Rick from the boy’s team you’re moving over to the girls – you’ll be team White and Katie and Sue you join the boys in Team Red.

Team Red – you are going to the other side of the water to Charlton Athletic and Karen will be going along with you to see how you do. Team White you’re going up country to Bolton Wanderers with Claude.

Good Luck but one word of advice – don’t do anything which will enrage the fans or I’ll have the owners’ getting in my ear.

Off you go and I’ll see you in the Boardroom at the end of the week.

To be continued in Part 2


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