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Caption competition (Warning: contains Palace)


  • Quick! Protect the end of your penis!
  • Clown on the right
    I lovethe feel of my polyester Palace shorts.
  • Where Eagles despair
  • The photo is funny because it looks like someone's going to get hit by a football in the cobblers.
  • If you have a football super glued to your bollox you will never get a football in the bollox, simples!
  • Look at that cock!
    And the other two.
    And all those in the away end.
  • Is the one on the right thinking “of all the f***ing times to get a boner”

    "Im so excited, and I just can't hide it"
  • Is Tomkins on the left thinking "time for a quick wank, nobody will notice!"
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  • edited August 2018
    Crystal Palace's spot the ball competition has been accused of being ridiculously easy. Indeed they got nearly three correct answers, the best response ever.
  • Cottaging in public, someone send this to the police
  • 3 cocks, 1 ball.
  • Is the one on the right thinking “of all the f***ing times to get a boner”

    This isn't a caption... Played a preseason friendly once in Sunday League where one of the opposition had a hard on for the whole first half. Was proper weird, he just carried on like nothing was up (so to speak).

    He got a lot of room on the ball.

    Think he got pulled off at half time.
    Well that must have got it down.
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