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Goal Scorer Challenge 2018/2019

A few more players joined the CharltonLife league during the World Cup

Woupd be great to get a few more this season.

Deadline for 1st pick is 7.45 tonight.

For the newbies and those who only started during tbe world cup, its 1 pick for the weekend, same rules apply tho that you can only pick a player once.

Website is

Once registered click on

Then Manage my Leagues

Then type 5cb78c93 into join an existing league and you are in


  • I look forward to seeing all your names below mine throughout the season
  • Do you choose 1 game a week or is it every game ?
  • 1 player from any game.
    International breaks and FA Cup weekends are included too, but you can only pick Premier League players.
  • Only 5 picks for game week 1


    So only Salah and Wilson still with a chance after blanks for Mata and Sanchez
  • edited August 2018
    Ffs Wilson missed a penalty
  • Well done Wilson 91st minute goal gives me a great start
  • Deadline for today is 12.15

    So you can at least see line ups in Cardiff v Newcastle
  • Picks for this week were


  • Bollox cut off times.
    Should be able to choose up to kick off of final game.
  • MrOneLung said:

    Bollox cut off times.
    Should be able to choose up to kick off of final game.

    You could say the same about FPL.

    The cut of time for GSC is better than FPL.
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