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The Museum has acquired a copy of Mark Aizlewood's 2009 autobiography which is titled 'Amddiffyn Fy Hun' and published in Welsh. What we need is a Welsh Addick who can tell what it says. Any takers ?


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    Girlfriend is Welsh, she thinks that means "My own Defence" and a quick check on google translate suggests that too.

    She's not fluent though and wouldn't be able to translate the whole text.
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    Funny I thought it this was one of those Wiotos type acronyms
  • Contact the Welsh Books Council, they might be able to help out.
  • “It’s not coming home “
  • I thought it was our latest transfer target!
  • I thought it was our latest transfer target!

    No, our days of signing cosmopolitan foreign players has gone...........
  • Welsh speaking partner says it means
    "Self defence"
    Happy assist anytime
  • In my defense
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  • Protect Myself according to Bing
    Protective My Hun according to Google
    Stand Up To Myself according to

    Take your pick...
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    Saw the title and thought Jerry Lee had had a stroke!
  • It is a mixture of Welsh and England? = You okay hun?
  • Well thanks guys. That has got the title sorted out. Actually I think it means 'Defending Myself'. Now who is going to translate the rest of the book for us? The Museum copy has been specially signed by Mark (possibly from his cell) and I will have it available for inspection before the Norwich friendly on 28th July. That gives you plenty of time to brush up on your Welsh!!
  • Entire book - having a laugh ?
    If you are serious I will ask partner but would not anticpate overjoyed response
  • Strange he didn’t release an English language version, limits the market potential somewhat.
  • You’re seriously looking for someone to translate a whole book???? For nowt?? Lol

    Can’t you contact the publisher ?
  • Actually I was joking, but never mind.
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