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Turin 90 - Moscow 18. Where were you / Where will you be..?

If you are old enough to have been around in 1990....(and know where you will be tomorrow).

1990 Aged 18, Royal Tavern, Eltham. Lively
2018 Aged 46, Small rural West Country town, likely to be less lively...


  • 1990: Aged six and wasnt aware of Football
    2018: Round my mates enjoying a few drinks
  • 1990: Not even born
    2018: Pub after work with colleagues
  • 1990 Aged 21, White Swan Charlton Village.
    2018 Aged 49, Bugle Horn Charlton Village.

  • 1990 - 22 and in The Trading Post bexleyheath.
    2018 - At home
  • At home in 1990 and at home tomorrow I hope. Demands of work and traffic permitting.
  • 1990, my 12th birthday party, all the family round. Ended poorly.
    2018, watching it with my family, hope it won’t end poorly.
  • 1990 - around 10 of us at a friends house aged 16 and in charge of 2 crates of stella and a crate of strongbow

    2018 - TBC
  • 1990 At my parents in Dartford, having just finished at University
    2018 Probably at home, in front of my TV

    More interestingly, in 1996 I was up near Liverpool on a work trip, watching the Euro SF in a packed hotel bar! I was up there quite a bit around that time, including a "convenient" meeting on the day when Charlton played Liverpool in the League Cup :smile:
  • 1990 - Aged 16 in the Co-Op club in Woolwich.
    2018 - Somewhere around Kings Cross after work probably.
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  • 1990 - Wembley at a Rolling Stones concert craning my neck trying to see some blokes 2” b&w hand held tv (remember those?)
    2018 - at home with family hopefully enjoying a historic occasion in front of a larger tv...
  • 1990 - age 33 - away on a residential project meeting in Surrey with 8 other guys - the hotel set up a room and bar for us and when Waddle blasted over we all got up, never said a word and went to play snooker. Gutted.

    2018 - will be at home tomorrow and hopefully Sunday.
  • 1990 wasn't born

    2018 sitting in a Texas apartment on my own looking after two dogs
  • 1990 small hotel in Crete. Power cut part of 1st half. Remember hearing celebrations from a small German hotel up the road at full time.

    2018 at home in upright uncomfortable chair as have put my back out.
  • 1990 - A pub in Hackney with a very big screen

    2018 - Home, I should go down the local but I have watched all games at home and now don't want to jinx it.
  • 1990 - 10 years old at home with parents. Cried myself to sleep

    2018 - likely to be in a pub in Weybridge
  • 1990 - in bed I presume, was too young to be watching.

    (One added in) Euro 96, at home crying my little eyes out when Southgate scored.

    2018 - At home I think, will be rushing home in from work. But if we're in the final Sunday will be in the pub.
  • 1990 at home - IIRC "revising" for an end of year exam. Not a lot got done that night.
    2018 at home
  • 1990 - Florida, out in the sticks, football of no fucking interest whatsoever to the local tv even though they were hosting the fickling tournament 4 years later, internet hadn’t been invented, except it had to a certain extent but only the British had it in the form of teletext/ceefax and the fucking yanks had no concept of what I was talking about when I asked them if they at least had that capability on their TVs so I could check the score

    2018 - at home, in the media room, beers in the wine cooler, do not disturb
  • 1990- aged 5 months so probably asleep in a cot

    2018- in my room with a beer enjoying football
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  • 1990 - 24 At my cricket club (Blackheath CC The Rectory Field) as I was for the 1/4 in '86. Never watched another England game there although I'm still a member.
    2018 - 52 At home, loads of friends and my lads friends, barrel of ale, cold lagers, jugs of Pimms and G&T's. Plenty of Fred's (New Eltham Butchers) finest sausages, extensive football playlist and we will party in the garden until very late if we win and will then repeat on Sunday.
  • 1990: small hotel in Braine l'Alleud, Belgium, near Waterloo. Watching in my room, there being no lounge with a TV. Nearly broke the bed when we scored.

    2018: somewhere near Somerset House as we have tickets for the Sigrid concert and she comes on stage around 21:00.
  • 1990: small hotel in Braine l'Alleud, Belgium, near Waterloo. Watching in my room, there being no lounge with a TV. Nearly wet the bed when we scored.

    2018: somewhere near Somerset House as we have tickets for the Sigrid concert and she comes on stage around 21:00.

  • 1990 aged 25 in an English pub in the Algarve sat next to a bloke with a beard who turned about to be Derek Hales' brother.

    2018 at home.
  • Italy - 23 yrs old - in bar in South of France - single
    Tomorrow Russia - 50 in bar in Beckenham - married
    Sunday Russia - 50 in bar in Beckenham - hopefully without French mother in law
    Monday - if we lose - divorced

  • 1990 age 9 remember clearly watching it in mum and dad's front room and not understanding why waddle did what he did and everyone not having a lot of love for Stuart Pearce. I just thought the Germans were filthy dirty bastard cheats. Especially when they made Gazza cry

    I remember someone saying we should have taken Shilton off for Beassant as he was good at penalties

    2018 either in the pub or in my own front room. It feels almost out of body now, Croatia are probably the team I've been consistently impressed with this tournament yet I'm not fearful of them. We move a lot more and move the ball a lot quicker. Modric and Rakitic are awesome, elite midfielders but I see that they can be disrupted by our tempo. Need to give it absolutely everything like we have done all tournament, get to the final first then worry about who is available
  • 90 aged 15 with the old boy over the road
    18 aged 44 on me birthdag with family and friends in social club in beckenham
  • 1990 at home with wife (just married).
    2018 O'Neills in Bromley. 'Av it.
  • 1990 a month away from being born
    2018 hopefully Moscow but doubtful more than likely the local where It began with friends, not all Charlton so good to watch a match together.
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