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  • Now eight boys rescued reported by CNN.

    They've been getting another one out every hour or so in the last few hours. Brilliant. Hopefully all be home free soon
  • Unconfirmed reports all 12 boys and the coach have been successfully rescued. Amazing news and well done all those involved.
  • Just a shame they're going to have to stay in Quarantine for a week so wont be able to make the World Cup Final

    Am sure FIFA can just delay their trip for four years though
  • Footballer Kyle Walker has offered to send the boys England shirts following the news of their rescue = Class
  • Coincidentally, a few weeks back I was watching some videos of them lunatics who climb up the sides of skyscrapers and do cartwheels at the top, and on the suggested videos was one about pot holing and cave diving. After watching a few, I came across the one below. I didn't want to share it before due to the fact that the lads where still in their predicament, but now they're all safe, I think it's worth a share as it shows just how dangerous this type of thing came be and the task faced by the hero rescuers. -

    RIP to the diver who never made it....
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  • I have just watched some of this stuff, including an interview with one of the rescuing blokes who said he was scared when he saw one of the trapped approaching him in the rescue.
    I actually found myself crying and can't explain to myself why.
    Maybe because I feel inspired by an aspect of cooperation and collaboration.
    I loved the bloke in the interview, and as a father I can relate to the feelings swirling around.
    I will always be a Wild Boars supporter as my Thai team from now on.
    God love 'em all, rescuers and boys, family and nations.
  • Superb news today, I cannot imagine how delighted the people of Thailand must be (and can have some hope that the outcome offers some solace to the family of the diver who died), real tears of joy time.

    A triumph of selflessness, patience, no little skill and indomitable spirit.
  • No doubt this will be made into a film in the near future
  • Great story this. Unfortunately they won't be able to take FIFA up on their offer to go to the World Cup final.
  • The Guardian are reporting that the Australian doctor who had gone in to assess and prepare individuals for rescue, and was one of the last four divers to leave the cave yesterday, found out that his father had died during the rescue process.
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