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Accountant Recommendation

As always, CL is my first port of call...

Has anybody had a good experience of using an accountant to help them with their year end, a bit of tax advice, expenses, dividends etc.?

I'm about to embark on a permanent part-time role with a company but I have the flexibility in terms of time to grow my own marketing consultancy business in the other 50% of the working week. Transactionally it's not going to be too complicated (I can do that day-to-day) but I want to have someone to turn to around bits and pieces (potentially registering as an employer, VAT registration, insurance etc.)

The ideal scenario is that I go full time with my own business down the line but in the meantime I want to maximise my earnings etc.

Feel free to inbox me if you don't want to throw names into the public domain.



  • Glen, will message you!
  • And use Quickbooks or Xero!
  • All true Charlton fans use Gary Sargeant...
  • If you want an efficient, conservative approach I can recommend Harmer Slater, who took over my original accountant's business, and pretty seamlessly.. When I first started using the original guy, I had a remarkably similar brief to yours. But they are not in SEL. Teddington and Sutton.
  • RE Jones in Lee do my stuff and have for about 15 years
  • I use First Freelance. They set me up from scratch including opening a business bank account, company and VAT registration. Templates for invoicing. They do VAT & tax calculations. £39.60 per week.
  • Sent you a PM.
  • Ours is £108 per month, but local to us in Herts. I looks like you have enough recommendations.
  • I use Clever Accounts for my freelance business, decent enough. Have used Nixon Williams in the past but wasn't massively impressed. One thing, you do need to do a bit of work with any of these contracting accountants and I find they don't always offer in depth advice but if the set up is simple they may well work for you.
  • [email protected]

    Email Gary, he will sort you out.
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  • Robsons Bexley are mine
  • I’m one month into life as a self employed building surveyor and have sent you a pm with the details of the guy I’ve been using. All on line and very easy
  • Robsons Bexley are mine

    Me too. Very good. Helpful and reasonably priced.
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