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Build your ultimate Charlton player



  • Determination/Work Rate: Kins/Holland
    Leadership: Kins
    Physical Strength: Youds
    Jump: Perry
    Pace: Rommedahl
    Heading: Kermogant
    Tackling: Rufus
    Awareness/Intelligence: Jensen/Reid
    Technique: Di Canio
    Vision: Reid
    Flair: Di Canio
    Dribbling: Mark Robson
    Shooting: El Kharkouri
    Finishing: Mendonca
    Set Pieces: JJ
    Hair Cut: JJ
    Mean Streak (so they're maybe even useful vs Millwall): Mills
  • Determination/Work Rate: Bradley Pritchard
    Leadership: Johnnie Jackson
    Physical Strength: Dan Shittu
    Jump: Yann Kermorgant
    Pace: Chris Powell
    Heading: Shaun Bartlett
    Tackling: Scott Parker
    Awareness/Intelligence: Jorge Costa
    Technique: Ricky Otto
    Vision: Paolo DiCanio
    Flair: Mark Robson
    Dribbling: John Robinson
    Shooting: Steve Brown
    Finishing: Clive Mendonca
    Set Pieces: Graham Stuart
    Hair Cut: Simon Makienok
    Mean Streak (so they're maybe even useful vs Millwall) Lee Bowyer
  • edited June 2018
    Determination/Work Rate: John Humpries
    Leadership: Kins
    Physical Strength: Steve Tommo edit forgot Shittu
    Jump: Sam Sodje
    Pace: Danny Haynes
    Heading: Ray Treacy
    Tackling: Parker
    Awareness/Intelligence: Kish (apart from the debut)
    Technique: Morts
    Vision: Kermorgant
    Flair: Jensen
    Dribbling: Morts
    Shooting: Hales
    Finishing: Mendonca
    Set Pieces: delivering Colin Powell, receiving Kermorgant
    Hair Cut: Jason Lee (possibly the only pro player to have a chant re his barnet)
    Mean Streak Aizelwood
  • Determination/Work Rate: Parker
    Leadership: Kinsella
    Physical Strength: Costa
    Jump: Bartlett
    Pace: Rommedahl
    Heading: Tees
    Tackling: Rufus
    Awareness/Intelligence: Yann
    Technique: Jensen
    Vision: Di Canio
    Flair: Simonsen
    Dribbling: Colin Powell
    Shooting: Summers
    Finishing: Firmani
    Set Pieces: JJ
    Hair Cut: Hales
    Mean Streak (so they're maybe even useful vs Millwall): Todd

    The one skill per player requirement stops me having Yann, Parker and Simonsen for quite a few positions.
  • Work Rate / Graham Moore
    Leadership/ Kinsella/Peter Reeves
    Strength/ Costa
    Jump/ Tees
    Pace/ Rommerdahl
    Heading /Tees
    Tackling/ Maurice Setters
    Awareness/ Murphy
    Technique/ Jensen
    Vision/ Flanagan /Hales/Treacy
    Flair /Di Canio
    Dribbling / Peacock
    Shooting / Crawford
    Set Pieces/Jensen
    Hair Cut / Penfold
    Mean Streak /Mills
    Keeper / Kiely (maybe Amos)
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