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Ex-Addick appointed Exeter boss.

Matt Taylor appointed new Grecians boss. He did a decent job for us. Was perhaps unlucky to be dropped, once Powell got Leon Cort in. Best of luck to Matt.


  • Good luck to him.
  • Talal said:

    Good luck to him.

  • Really nice chap. He said he knew he was fairly limited as a player but also knew he could work harder than his peers and therefore made it as a pro.

    Wish him all the best and I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for Exeter so will follow him with interest
  • Really pleased for him and hope he does well with Exeter.
  • Ditto. - -- guess he owes Notts County one.Good luck mate.
  • Really liked Matt, can only really remember him having one poor game for us.

    Good luck to him.
  • Love the reaction from the Exeter fans on twitter...

    They seem rather annoyed at the appointment yet think the Board have got the appointment spot on... they need someone to steady the ship and avoid the club from nose diving - What better than to get someone into the club who understands Exeter City and what they're about; had we hired an ex-Addick who'd played under Curbishley when he left then I reckon we may have fared better
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  • Good appointment, felt he was one of the unsung heroes of that promotion season. Great pro.
  • Can we have the fella with the cravat as our boss
  • Liked him in League One. Maybe not a Championship player at 30 plus.

    Good luck Matt.
  • Can we have the fella with the cravat as our boss

    What’s happened there? Does he finally fancy a change of scenery?
  • Good luck to him, him and Morrison were as solid as you can wish for at this level.
  • Good luck Matt

    A massive challenge though, following someone who's been there for 12 years is a tough job, especially at a club with restricted budgets
  • How come Tisdale has gone? Apart from being very well turned out he was a very decent manager
  • Apparently Exeter would have sacked him (Tisdale) fairly early into the season but couldn’t afford to pay him off. So he stayed on, ended up getting them in the play offs but now MK Dons want him.
  • Sat on his table at the sponsors dinner the promotion year, lovely fella.

    Good luck to him.
  • Best of luck,I though he was unlucky to be made the scapegoat after we lost at home Notts County being 4 down at half time
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  • Good luck to him. Inheriting a good side.
  • Hope he does well. Decent bloke.
  • thought he was good with Morrison but Cort was the better defender. anyway never mind all that, good luck Matt, hope you do well.

    also the Exeter fans should be pleased and supportive of him as I guess he's a hero of theirs.
  • Carter said:

    How come Tisdale has gone? Apart from being very well turned out he was a very decent manager

    He was issued his notice two years ago, think it pissed him off so when Contract negotiations came round he told them to stick it
  • I remember hearing about the pre season friendly with the Spanners which we unluckily lost 4-3 and at the end he was furious with the ref about something. I thought, hello we've got people who want to win here, this season could be interesting. And it was. Good luck, Matt
  • This sort of explains what happened with Paul Tisdale:
  • Hope he does well---played a big part in our promotion.
  • edited June 2018
    Always liked him, and Exeter is a good job for any new manager. He made over half of his career apps there too...

    Part of the last cohort that I was proud of.

    Good luck
  • remember we signed Matt from Exeter .. a typically shrewd Powell signing
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