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Charlton optimists

The Charlton optimist supporters always believe that we are going to win and that we have the best manager, the best players and it is only poor referee decisions that stop us from going back to the premiership. These people need a trip to specsavers. Open your eyes guys. Watch what is actually happening in front of you. The last few managers have all been poor, including Robinson and Bowyer. Bowyer is completely inexperienced and is tactically very naive. We have no leaders or senior players who will stand up and take responsibility. We have an unbalanced squad, top heavy with loan players. We have another load of players who just came to Charlton because we were paying the most. Face the fact that it is a club in decline and nothing will change until we have new owners. Lets all support CARD, get the campaigning back on track and stop making out that we are a wonderful club with world class players. We are not.


  • Whats the point in supporting CARD when Andrew Muir is days / weeks away from taking over?
  • Whats the point in supporting CARD when Andrew Muir is days / weeks away from taking over?

    It's the pepper spray.
  • Think you'll find there is some middle ground.

    I support card and their protests but agree we should wait and see if the takeover happens. If he's still here by September the protest must restart.

    Bowyer whilst inexperienced is not a terrible manager and is learning. He playing experience will do him well. He deserves a go in my opinion.

    The players were not terrible and gave their all but some aren't top level league 1 and there is a lack of balance on the squad.

    Excellent summary, although I would say the problem with the squad is too many short-term loan players, for reasons we have been through.

    I would love to know why the OP thinks Bowyer is "tactically naive". Bet he didn't say that when we turned over Plymouth and Rotherham playing 4-4-2. I can't fault how Bowyer set his teams up in any games. It's not his fault if Mavididi has not recovered - mentally - from his injury, or KaiKai and Zyro, for whatever reason, cannot deliver on their undoubted talent. Would he have signed any of them? Maybe Mav, but he didn't have any say in the matter.

    And Daisy Edwards was a pile of shit. Not fit to tie Stuart Leary's bootlaces. We were bottom of Div 2 for a reason, when I first went to the Valley and saw them both.

    Written as not just a CARD but a ROT member.

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