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SPOTY 2018

I know I am biased

But Mark Williams last year missed out on qualifying for the World Championship

This year as a 42 year old he won, surely he has earned a place in the top 3 at least



    Pub Game Personality of the Year

  • Rob Cross
  • He might get a nomination for the shortlist, but no more....
  • He certainly likes a tat...although we’d never normally know!
  • edited May 2018

    That said, Williams would be a deserving winner
  • world champs is too early in the year, it's largely forgotten about by spoty time. plus he's just not a household name
  • edited May 2018
    It will be, England team , World Cup winners 2018.
  • I cannot watch anything that involves Clare Balding. She makes me want to dig my eyes out with a tampon and pour boiling battery acid in my ears.
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