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Roland at Wembley?

I don't think Roland has been to a game for 3 years. I'm not even sure when he last came to the Valley for a meeting. Others will no doubt advise.

Would he turn up to watch us at Wembley?

It would be very weird to have an owner who didn't. Even the Oyston's watch Blackpool.

On the other hand....if he did turn up would it "get" to the team in some way? And if elements of our support booed him would that do likewise?

One to add to the collection of weird and unsatisfactory circumstances we've had since circa '82. Hulyer + going bankrupt + the arbitrary move to Selhurst + Reed being appointed manager + the spivs + Fraeye being parachuted in....


  • We have to get there first .
  • He doesn't care about us. Why would he bother making the trip?
  • Don't worry fella, we will choke and RD can stay in his crypt...
  • If IF we get to Wembley, he can go an fuck himself.
  • ross1 said:

    The way we played today, I don't think we have to worry about RD and Wembley

    We will if we played like the way we did at Shrewbury, Portsmouth and at home to Blackburn.

  • He's just another fair weather supporter if he does!!
  • Can't see it happening, if we get there that is.
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  • Roland is looking forward to Wembley

    He's got tickets to see Ed Sheeran.
  • To be fair, if we do get to Wembley, this fella is about the last person on mind, and the last person I’d want to see there, the old scroat.
  • Who cares ? Why bring in negativity ? Can't we just enjoy ourselves for once ? Please ?

    That’s the 2nd most sensible thing you’ve ever said.
  • edited May 2018
    Hope he doesn't turn up. Would detract from the day and what it should be about. I for one would struggle not to focus on that rather than the game.
  • Theres zero chance of him turning up.
  • Theres zero chance of him turning up.

    Unlike me.
  • I’ll be too pissed to give a shit
  • Theres zero chance of him turning up.

    Its whether the team will is the key question.
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  • Just seen Vincent Tan, being held aloft by the Cardiff Fans, would be very strange if Roland and Richard Murray were crowd surfing at Wembley.

    Crowd surfing towards the exit.
  • Could not give a toss if he came or not
  • Bcaddick said:

    So many fans writing on forums and Facebook etc as if Charlton are already at Wembley and promoted. We have to beat a side that was much better than us all season first. Check out the final points tally.

    There’s always going to be the idiotic few but I personally haven’t seen or heard many people taking these play offs for granted.

    After what we have to put up with over the last few seasons you can’t complain that people are getting a little excited at a Wembley trip, it’s been 20 years since the last one.

    We are coming into it with form and are very much capable of winning them, although I realise so are the other 3
  • If he wants to attend I hope he doesn’t do what I tried today, go to the ticket office and try and buy one over the counter.
    No chance,
  • More chance of knitting fog! Can you imagine enduring 90 minutes of 'We want Roland out!'?
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Roland Out!